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Azerbaijan in USA & Canada

The Azerbaijan cuisine belongs to one of the most interesting cuisines in the worldAzerbaijani Cuisine

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108 gr mutton, 40 gr wheat flour, ¼ egg, 18 gr onions, 10 gr vinegar, 15 gr coriander or 1 gr dried mint, pepper, salt.

Dushbara is meat dumplings in the Azerbaijan style. Make the broth from mutton bones and prepare the force – meat from the flesh adding onions and spices. Roll unsalted dough 1 mm thick, cut into even squares and put 2-3 gr of force-meat. Wrap shaping rectangles of triangles and stick edges together. Cook dumplings in the broth for 5 minutes then they come to the surface. Home made dushbara are very small so 4-5 of them go in a tablespoon. When serving sprinkle with coriander or dried mint. Vinegar mixed with shredded garlic is served separately to taste.


108 gr mutton, 15 gr onions, 15 gr peas, 200 gr sour milk, 40 gr sour cream, ¼ egg, 8 gr flour, 20 gr rice, 18 gr spring onions, 40 gr spinach, 30 gr coriander, dill, kyavar, 15 gr mint, 10 gr celery, pepper, salt, cinnamon.

Dovga is a soup made of sour milk. Mix sour milk with sour cream, dough, egg and rice. Cook mixture and stir continuously to prevent settings. Bring to boil, add shredded herbs and salt. Bring to the readiness. Dovga is made with meat or without. To make dovga with meat cook peas separately till half readiness. Shape quenelles from the force-meat and cook with peas till readiness. Mix peas and quenelles with dovga.

Azerbaijani Cuisine

Azerbaijani Cuisine

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Azerbaijani Cuisine & Recipes


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