Visa - The types of visa and visa requirements

There are several categories of nationals with different visa regime. CIS country nationals (except Turkmenistan) do not require a visa. In order to enter Azerbaijan they need to present at the border the valid passport. All the other nationals Foreign nationals travelling to the Republic of Azerbaijan should obtain their visa at the Embassies of the Republic of Azerbaijan abroad. (click here for web sites of Azerbaijani Embassies & Consulates in USA and Canada)

The Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is located at: 4 Shikhali Gurbanov St in Baku. The main phone number for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is +994 12 492 6755.

Americans traveling to Azerbaijan on a U.S. passport must obtain a visa.  Visa requirements are subject to change.  Before traveling to Azerbaijan, check the Embassy of Azerbaijan’s website, for the latest requirements for entering Azerbaijan.

As of October 15, 2010, transit and short stay single entry visas are no longer available at Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku for most travelers.  To obtain a visa for travel to the Republic of Azerbaijan, contact the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Washington D.C.,  Please be advised that American citizens may not be allowed to apply for an Azerbaijani visa outside of the United States.  We recommend that you get your visas for Azerbaijan before you leave the United States.

Visas will be available at Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku only for diplomatic and official travel and in a few other limited circumstances and will require diplomatic notes or special invitation letters.

A valid visas is required in order to depart Azerbaijan.  If you are staying beyond the validity period of your visa, you must apply to extend it at the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan Republic,

Americans visiting Azerbaijan for a period of more than 30 days must register their passports with the local passport-registration authorities within 3 days of their arrival to Azerbaijan.

Ordinary and double entry-exit visa:

For this type of visa the duration of stay is three months.

Multiple entry-exit visa:

For this type of visa the duration of stay is one year. In case the visa is not used, it is considered invalid.

Exit visa:

This type of visa is provided to a foreign national who has an official permission to live on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and obtains exit visa upon leaving the country.

Return visa:

This type of visa is provided to foreign nationals who either study in Azerbaijan or carry out research and teaching activity. They obtain this type of visa upon leaving the country. The visa is valid for six months.

Those nationals of foreign countries who wish to extend their visa must apply to the Consular Department of the MFA before the visa is expired.

(for more information visit )

In order to obtain a visa at the Consular Department of the MFA the following documents are required:

- A letter from the receiving side;

- Application form;

- A passport or a substitute for a passport of a foreign national who is applying for a visa;

- Two pieces of photos (3x4) for the application form;

- A visa fee receipt;

Members of official delegations, participants of international events, nationals of the countries of Europe, America and a number of Asian countries are granted a visa in case of necessity, upon arrival in the territory of a country according to the bilateral and multilateral agreements to which the Republic of Azerbaijan is a party. In case of the absence of the agreement on consular service, regulating entry-exit visa between the Republic of Azerbaijan and other States, it is required that a letter of invitation to be arranged for nationals of those countries in advance from the receiving side.

Visa fees:

Transit single entry (up to 3 days) - $20 US dollars
Transit double entry (up to 3 days) - $40 US dollars
Single entry (up to 90 days) - $131 US dollars
Double entry (up to 90 days) - $131 US dollars
Multiple entry (up to 1 year) - $250 US dollars

Work permits:

A foreign nationals who would like to work in Azerbaijan, have to obtain a work permit. The permits are being issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. Work permits are issued for one year period. The term of validity can be extended for  12 months , and not more than 4 times in a row. The following categories of foreign nationals do not require getting work permits:

- Permanent residents, entrepreneurs, management of companies established through international agreements, staff of diplomatic missions, staff of international organizations, businessmen (no more than for 3 month period), persons employed by relevant executive authorities, persons engaged in religious activities provided by religious organizations registered by the Government, accredited staff of mass media, sailors, sportsmen and artists, researchers and professors at the universities.

The following documents must be submitted to obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population (MLSPP):

Application (can be received from the MLSPP);

Copy of the license issued to the Employer;

Copy of the document verifying that foreign employee is able to undertake activities envisaged in the work contract.


Last time updated October 2010

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