Text Box: AZERBAIJAN– Strategic Location in Global Competition
Azerbaijan's strategic location at the crossroads of Eurasia has made it a vital partner of the United States.
Azerbaijan has a very important geographic and strategic location. This factor is very significant from both- political and economic stand points. From this prospective, Azerbaijan has participated in creation and development of the TRACECA Program on rehabilitation of the historic Great Silk Road fulfilling joint tasks together with a number of word countries, the European Union and other international organizations.
Azerbaijan's participation in the TRACECA program has strategic importance and creates great opportunities for the strengthening and expansion of Azerbaijan’s economic relations with Europe, its integration into the global economy and transforming into the international transportation hub.
The government of the country is running an “open door” policy in order to attract investments into the economy of the country. With this regards, along with the oil sector, a number of measures are taken to attract investments into the country’ non-oil economy.
A great network of transportation routes known as the Silk Road has been connecting European and Asian nations and traditions starting as of the first millennium up to the middle of the second millennium. These routes has been serving as a key corridor for transportation of expensive things, information and knowledge between the East and the West, and for the first time in the world’s history, the Silk Road became the cause of exchange of scientific and cultural traditions between the countries.
The trade routes of the Silk Road have been expanding passing through China, Japan, Mongolia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and other countries. The maritime routes needed for trade and communication can also be viewed as an integral part of the Silk Road. 
A very intensive scope of works has been done and successful negotiation conducted for implementation of the strategically important Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline project, aiming at protection of Azerbaijan’s long-terms interests in this sector, large-scale development of the international economic cooperation, guaranteeing transportation of crude to the world markets due to an increase of the regional oil production.
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Text Box: Text Box: AZERBAIJAN– Strategic Location in Global Competition
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