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Since 2009 Azeri-America covering all the latest news on Azerbaijani – U.S and Azerbaijani – Canadian relations. Latest Azeri Community news, reviews, events and businesses in USA & Canada.

Our goals: to encourage education about Azerbaijani culture (its art, literature, history and language), traditions, lifestyles, history, and modern politics. Provide services and support to the Azerbaijani Immigrant Community in USA & Canada.

We would like to invite you to discover the broad range of services on our website and learn more about political, cultural, and economic life in Azerbaijan. You will also find information about the activities and events of Azerbaijani Community organizations in USA & Canada.


Azerbaijanis have a strong sense of communities. Members of the Azerbaijani Community Organizations support each other and strive to maintain their Azerbaijani culture. As a result, there are many Azerbaijani community oriented organizations in Canada and USA.

Please click here for the list of Azerbaijani community organization in USA & Canada and become a member.

Азербайджанцы в Америке

Amerikada yasayan Azerbaycanlilar


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Amerikada yasayan Azerbaijanlilar

Азербайджанцы в Америке


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